ESPROENKO INTERNATIONAL’ is a private Spanish company active in the field of Oil and Gas, founded in 2007, with its headquarter office in Barcelona (Catalonia), and other registered branches in Madrid (Spain), Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine), Mexico City (Mexico), Panama City (Panama), Bogota (Colombia), Havana (Cuba), Tehran (Iran), Muscat (Oman), Hong Kong (China), Houston (USA) and its representative offices in Canada, and UAE.

Being active in the whole supply chain of Oil and Gas industry for about a decade, ‘ESPROENKO’ has gained extensive experience and know-how in providing services, supply of equipment and products for a wide range of international clients all over the world. Investing in new technologies has been always the main field of activity for ‘Esproenko’ and through this we had patented more than 100 technologies in exploration, and oil and gas reservoir production enhancement.

ESPROENKO’s scope of activities can be categorized as below :

  • Enhancing Oil and Gas reservoir production rate using patented technologies.
  • Supply and procurement:
    • Casing and tubing pipes for oil and gas wells
    • Multi Reinforced Polymeric Pipes (MRPP)
    • EPT (octane enhancer for gasoline)
    • Capital equipment for petrochemical, chemical and other industries